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Mittuniversitetets Android-app : Studentportalen som mobilapplikation

  • Burgos, Peter
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Jan 01, 2012
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This project is made for creating a stabil and useful mobile application developed in Java. The purpose of this project is to make the access and communication easier between the student and the student portal. The product of this project is the unofficial app of Mid Sweden University, called Mittuniversitetets Android-app, that in first hand is limited to Android-devices. By doing research, both by letting students answer a survey online on Mid Sweden University's student portal and by asking student physically at Mid Sweden University campus Sundsvall, the investigation tells which parts of the student portal students would like to have in the mobile application and it is according to those answers that the direction of the application has been developed. The product, which is the application, is considered complete when the students are able to for exempel reach their information and get the information presented in a good way. Three different suggestions for a solution is given and by comparing the benefits of those only one solution is chosen. The solution chosen is ”direct-connection as solution”. To be able to give the reader better basical and understandable knowledge some parts are explained in more detail in this report. The report also shows that the access to the student portal is more effective now that only 5 taps are required by using the Mid Sweden University application to get a students information instead of 24 taps by using the web-browser on the cellphone. All goals in this thesis is considered accomplished and screenshots shows this in the report. Finally there is also suggestions for some future works given in this report.

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