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Microstrip to parallel strip balun as spiral antenna feed

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  • 080502 Mobile Technologies
  • Tapered Microstrip Line, Parallel Strip, Wideband Balun, Spiral Antenna, Back-To-Back Balun
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This paper presents the design and implementation of a microstrip to parallel strip balun which are frequently used as balanced antennas feed. This wideband balun transition is composed of a parallel strip which is connected to the spiral antenna and a microstrip line where the width of the ground plane is gradually reduced to eventually resemble the parallel strip. The taper accomplishes the mode and impedance transformation. This balun has significantly improved bandwidth characteristics. The entire circuit was fabricated on RT Duriod 5880 substrate. The circuit designs were simulated and optimised using CST Microwave Studio and the simulated results are compared with the measured results. The back-to-back microstrip to parallel strip has a return loss of better than 10 dB over a wide bandwidth from 1.75 to 15 GHz. The performance of the proposed balun was validated with the spiral antenna. The measured results were compared with the simulated results and it shows that the antenna operates well in wideband frequency range from 2.5 to 15 GHz.

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