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Metamorphic InGaAs p-i-n Photodetectors with 1.75 mu m Cut-Off Wavelength Grown on GaAs

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  • qin), q han (han
  • xiao-hong), xh yang (yang
  • hai-qiao), ni (ni
  • ji-fang), (he
  • zhi-chuan), zc niu (niu
  • xin), x wang (wang
  • xiu-ping), xp wang (wang
  • jie), j wang (wang
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Top-illuminated metamorphic InGaAs p-i-n photodetectors (PDs) with 50% cut-off wavelength of 1.75 mu m at room temperature are fabricated on GaAs substrates. The PDs are grown by a solid-source molecular beam epitaxy system. The large lattice mismatch strain is accommodated by growth of a linearly graded buffer layer to create a high quality virtual InP substrate indium content in the metamorphic buffer layer linearly changes from 2% to 60%. The dark current densities are typically 5 x 10(-6) A/cm(2) at 0 V bias and 2.24 x 10(-4) A/cm(2) at a reverse bias of 5 V. At a wavelength of 1.55 mu m, the PDs have an optical responsivity of 0.48 A/W, a linear photoresponse up to 5 mW optical power at -4 V bias. The measured -3 dB bandwidth of a 32 mu m diameter device is 7 GHz. This work proves that InGaAs buffer layers grown by solid source MBE are promising candidates for GaAs-based long wavelength devices.

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