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Metal Sulfide Photocatalysts for Lignocellulose Valorization

  • Wu, Xuejiao; 141472;
  • Xie, Shunji;
  • Zhang, Haikun;
  • Zhang, Qinghong;
  • Sels, Bert F; 10563;
  • Wang, Ye;
Publication Date
Jun 12, 2021
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Transition metal sulfides are an extraordinarily vital class of semiconductors with a wide range of applications in the photocatalytic field. A great number of recent advances in photocatalytic transformations of lignocellulosic biomass, the largest renewable carbon resource, into high-quality fuels and value-added chemicals has been achieved over metal sulfide semiconductors. Herein, the progress and breakthroughs in metal-sulfide-based photocatalytic systems for lignocellulose valorization with an emphasis on selective depolymerization of lignin and oxidative coupling of some important bioplatforms are highligted. The key issues that control reaction pathways and mechanisms are carefully examined. The functions of metal sulfides in the elementary reactions, including CO-bond cleavage, selective oxidations, CC coupling, and CH activation, are discussed to offer insights to guide the rational design of active and selective photocatalysts for sustainable chemistry. The prospects of sulfide photocatalysts in biomass valorization are also analyzed and briefly discussed. / status: published

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