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Metal Ionic Liquids Produce Metal-Dispersed Carbon-Nitrogen Networks for Efficient CO2 Electroreduction

  • Cheng, Xiuyan
  • Tan, Dongxing
  • Zeng, Shaojuan
  • Zhang, Xiangping
  • Tan, Xiuniang
  • Shi, Jinbiao
  • Zhang, Bingxing
  • Zheng, Lirong
  • Zhang, Fanyu
  • Feng, Jiaqi
  • Liu, Lifei
  • Wan, Qiang
  • Chen, Gang
  • Han, Buxing
  • Zhang, Jing
  • An, Pengfei
  • Zhang, Jianling
Publication Date
Jul 18, 2019
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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To develop novel strategies for fabricating metal carbon-based materials with desirable compositions and structures for catalysis is of great importance. Here we propose for the first time the utilization of metal ionic liquid as a precursor for the synthesis of metal carbon-based materials through a one-step pyrolysis route. The method produces the metal dispersed cross-linked carbon framework with a highly mesoporous structure. Such a Ni/C-N catalyst exhibits outstanding electrocatalytic activity for CO2 reduction reaction, i. e., an excellent CO faradaic efficiency of approximately 94 % at an potential of -0.75 V (versus the reversible hydrogen electrode). The method proposed in this work is simple, convenient, low-cost, adjustable and versatile for the synthesis of different kinds of M/C-N materials because the structures and properties of metal ionic liquids can be easily designed and tuned by changing the anions and cations.

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