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Men själva texten då...? : En genusanalys av läromedel i svenska.

  • Nyberg, Björn
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Jan 01, 2022
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This essay explores the relationship between the textbooks Fixa Svenskan 1 andFixa Svenskan 2 and the curriculum from a gender-critical perspective, in parts ofthe textbooks that deal with literature. Content analysis is used to explore the maincharacters and themes of the literary texts and the questions provided for studentsto discuss to show if and how these sections challenge norms about gender. Theanalysis shows that these sections include texts that explicitly and implicitlychallenge gender norms, as well as texts that rather reproduce traditional genderroles. From a gender-critical point of view, the implications for teachers mean agreater responsibility to challenge the literary characters and themes that arefound if the textbook does not challenge these aspects themselves. In not doing so,stereotypical, and restrictive gender norms risk being reproduced. This can haveconsequences for the students that are counter-productive and negative whenviewed in relation to the curriculum’s guidelines. 

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