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Mellan raderna - En kunskapsöversikt om synen på islam i svenska läromedel / Between the lines - A research overview of the view of Islam in Swedish teaching materials

  • Odh, Rebecca
  • Jacobsson, Emma
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2024
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This essay aims at examine the existing research on textbook analysis of Islamic studies in Swedish religious education (Religionskunskap) and the consequences this may have on education about Islam. The research questions this essay intends to answer are; How is Islam presented in different teaching materials according to previous research?, How are women in Islam portrayed in teaching materials according to previous research? and, What are the consequences of this portrayal of Islam according to previous research?. Through various similar essays and research databases, such as Libsearch, ProQuest and EBSCOhost, we found analyses of textbooks and teaching material and other research that elaborate on the research questions in this essay. Swedish school authorities have through investigations and reports found that teaching about Islam reproduces stereotypes. The supplementary research presented in this essay reach the same conclusions. This finding is a result of i.a. the Lutheran tradition in the Swedish school system, the Western context in which Islam is seen from an orientalist’s perspective and the Western media's coverage of Muslim countries' conflicts, all of which influence the Swedish education about Islam. In conclusion, the textbook analysis shows that the information on Islam in Swedish education is either wrong, angled, lack information or describe Islam as a religion with an agency. This causes an undesirable reproduction of stereotypes of Islam. Instead of counteracting stereotypes in the curriculum of the Swedish religious education, this essay shows that the outcome is rather the opposite.

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