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Measurement of γγψ final states in ψ′ decay

  • Himel, TM
  • Abrams, GS
  • Alam, MS
  • Blocker, CA
  • Boyarski, AM
  • Breidenbach, M
  • Burke, DL
  • Carithers, WC
  • Chinowsky, W
  • Coles, MW
  • Cooper, S
  • Dieterle, WE
  • Dillon, JB
  • Dorenbosch, J
  • Dorfan, JM
  • Eaton, MW
  • Feldman, GJ
  • Franklin, MEB
  • Gidal, G
  • Goldhaber, G
  • And 29 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1980
eScholarship - University of California
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The decay mode ψ′→γγψ has been studied with the Mark-II detector at SPEAR. New measurements of branching ratios for decays of the type ψ′→γχ, χ→γψ involving known χ states are presented. The existence of a χ state of mass near 3455 MeV/c2 produced in this decay chain is not confirmed, and the upper limit (90% confidence level) of the product of branching ratios is measured to be 0.13%. A new decay mode, ψ′→π0ψ, which violates isospin conservation is observed with branching ratio (0.15±0.06)%. © 1980 The American Physical Society.

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