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Measurement of the distribution of 207Bi depositions on calibration sources for SuperNEMO

  • Arnold, R
  • Augier, C
  • Barabash, AS
  • Basharina-Freshville, A
  • Birdsall, E
  • Blondel, S
  • Bongrand, M
  • Boursette, D
  • Breier, R
  • Brudanin, V
  • Busto, J
  • Calvez, S
  • Cerna, C
  • Cesar, JP
  • Ceschia, M
  • Chapon, A
  • Chauveau, E
  • Chopra, A
  • Dawson, L
  • Capua, SD
  • And 80 more
Publication Date
Mar 26, 2021
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository


The SuperNEMO experiment will search for neutrinoless double-beta decay ($0\nu\beta\beta$), and study the Standard-Model double-beta decay process ($2\nu\beta\beta$). The SuperNEMO technology can measure the energy of each of the electrons produced in a double-beta ($\beta\beta$) decay, and can reconstruct the topology of their individual tracks. The study of the double-beta decay spectrum requires very accurate energy calibration to be carried out periodically. The SuperNEMO Demonstrator Module will be calibrated using 42 calibration sources, each consisting of a droplet of $^{207}$Bi within a frame assembly. The quality of these sources, which depends upon the entire $^{207}$Bi droplet being contained within the frame, is key for correctly calibrating SuperNEMO's energy response. In this paper, we present a novel method for precisely measuring the exact geometry of the deposition of $^{207}$Bi droplets within the frames, using Timepix pixel detectors. We studied 49 different sources and selected 42 high-quality sources with the most central source positioning.

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