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A Means-End Chain Approach to Explore the Store Loyalty from The Platinum Tier Customers of the Department Store

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[[abstract]]The business environment and industrial structure in Taiwan is being developed in different types because world-wide economic globalization and the structure of general environment in Taiwan have been changed Middle class is affected and going to be gone by these changes Taiwan is moving forward to become M-shaped society Department stores which play an important role in retail market would increase their competitive edge How to remain and increase customer loyalty are the successful points and issues This project is Qualitative Research which uses Means-End Chain to catch the attributes involvement satisfaction and loyalty that involve in customer services to explain the relationship among the attributes involvement satisfaction and loyalty in the department stores 34 Platinum Tier customers were interviewed by using Soft Laddering and Content Analysis The result shows that consumer involvement satisfaction and service loyalty affect customers’ loyalty especially service quality is the key element that Platinum Tier customers make the most of it This research gives some meanings of management according to the elements of hierarchical store loyalty map (HSLM): 1 Understanding the connotation that relates to customer store loyalty in this competitive retailer environment in order to create good business performance 2 Providing customized services for Platinum Tier customers in order to increase long-term loyalty 3 Developing differentiating marketing by consumers needs and creating the value of final loyalty in order to increase competitive advantage

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