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On Meaningful Human Control in High-Stakes Machine-Human Partnerships

  • McCoy, Liam
  • Burkell, Jacquelyn
  • Card, Dallas
  • Davis, Brent
  • Gichoya, Judy
  • LePage, Sophie
  • Madras, David
Publication Date
Sep 26, 2019
eScholarship - University of California
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Our team at the Summer Institute was diverse in both skills (including technical computer science, cognitive science, systems innovation, and radiology expertise) and career stage (including faculty, graduate students, and a medical student). We were brought together at the ‘pitch’ stage by a mutual interest in human-machine partnerships in complex, high-stakes domains such as healthcare, transport, and autonomous weapons. We began with a focus on the topic of “meaningful human control” – a term most often applied in the autonomous weapons literature, which refers broadly to human participation in the deployment and operation of potentially autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) systems, such that the human has a meaningful contribution to decisions and outcomes.

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