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De fria- respektive planerade aktiviteternas betydelse för barns utveckling : En essä om faktorer som avgör vilket utrymme som ges de olika aktiviteterna / The meaning of free- and planned activities for children’s development : An essay on the factors that will determine the space given the different activities

  • Petrovic, Ivana
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Jan 01, 2012
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Early during my education to become an afterschool-teacher a concern was raised that afterschool-programs will continue to be seen as an institution for childcare services. In this experience-based essay, I discuss what I see as the coreproblem: the free- and planned activities. What do the free- and planned activities actually mean for children's development and what is it that determines how much space the various activities will be allowed to take? In my attempts to answer this question, I go through the concept of leisure, the importance of children’s play and adults responsibilities in children’s play, what the different policy documents say about children’s play and the creative work, staff skills and theoretical and practical knowledge. I question whether I was right in the story that I begin this essay with, and conclude that it is more difficult than I previously thought to find an answer to the question.

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