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Mass generation in the Standard Model without dynamical Higgs field

  • Pawlowski, Marek
  • Raczka, Ryszard
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Mar 01, 1994
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We call attention to the fact that the gauge symmetry $SU(3)\times SU(2)_{_L}\times U(1)$ of the Standard Model can be easily and naturally extended by the local conformal symmetry connected with the possibility of choosing the local length scale. Restricting the admissible interactions to the lowest order conformal invariant interactions one gets the unique form of total lagrangian. It contains all Standard Model fields and gravitational interaction. Using the unitary and the conformal gauge conditions we can eliminate all four real components of the Higgs doublet in this model. However the masses of vector mesons, leptons and quarks are automatically generated and are given by the same formulas as in the conventional Standard Model. In this manner one gets the mass generation without the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking and without the remaining real dynamical Higgs field.

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