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Mapping the amplitude and position response of double sided silicon strip detectors with monochromatic single protons

  • Amorini, F.
  • Anzalone, A.
  • Auditore, L.
  • Boiano, C.
  • Cardella, G.
  • Carraresi, L.
  • Castoldi, A.
  • Chbihi, A.
  • De Filippo, E.
  • Francalanza, L.
  • Geraci, E.
  • Giani, S.
  • Guazzoni, C.
  • La Guidara, E.
  • Lanzalone, G.
  • Lombardo, I.
  • Lo Nigro, S.
  • Loria, D.
  • Maiolino, C.
  • Martel, I.
  • And 22 more
Publication Date
Oct 29, 2012
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We are currently developing a novel detection system featuring high angular and energy resolution and able to reconstruct the particles momentum at high precision for different physical cases in multi-fragmentation nuclear physics experiments, based on Double Sided Silicon Strip Detectors as ΔE stages aimed at performing also pulse shape analysis for fragments stopping therein. We carried out a detailed qualification of the performance of the strip detectors. In order to provide the detector response matrix we used a pulsed monoenergetic proton beam. The paper reviews the pulsed proton beam facility of the LaBeC of INFN - Sezione di Firenze and present the results of the characterization of the DSSSD prototypes with the pulsed proton beam. In particular we will discuss the amplitude and time response mapping and we will present the analysis of the dependence of the signal shape as a function of the position of interaction.

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