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Manufacturing of Fe-Cr-Al weld overlay coatings for high temperature applications

  • Sarikka, Teemu
  • Ilola, Risto
  • Hänninen, Hannu
  • Pohja, Rami
  • Tuurna, Satu
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Boiler and tubing materials used in biomass-fired energy production are susceptible to corrosion in severe corrosive environments caused by inorganic constituents such as alkali metals and chlorine at the operating temperatures. Alumina forming alloys have been considered as possible candidates in these applications. In this study, overlay welds with FeCrAl type consumables having a nominal Al content of 5.8% (Kanthal A1) and 10% (prototype consumable) were developed and produced. The overlay welds were manufactured on T22 steel (10CrMo9-10). The overlay welds were made with a single-wire or two-wire GTAW method. Performance of the welds was tested in 168 h potassium chloride (KCl) exposure tests at 600°C in as-welded condition and after 24 h pre-oxidation at 950°C. Aluminium distribution in the welds and the formed oxide layers in the KCl exposure were characterized with SEM. After the exposure tests the oxide scales were mainly iron and chromium oxides in samples of as-welded condition and aluminium oxide in samples of preoxidized condition

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