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The making of EU news; : A depictive analysis of the relation between journalists and EU sources

  • Ristiniemi, Michaela
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Jan 01, 2005
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ABSTRACT Object: “To depict, the relation between the journalists and sources in the news process, and how each work in the EU arena when making news about the EU” Method: Qualitative interview Material: Interviews with journalists from the DN, SVD, Aftonbladet and Europa Posten, and with the head of the press of the Swedish representation of the EU commission. Main results: The complexity of the EU seemed to develop the kind of relation the journalists have with their sources, where the source cansupply the relevant information, without the journalist getting lost in the mass of it that the EU produce daily. But more than so, the relation appeared to be based on a mutual interdependence as each seek to reach their goals. Since 90% of the public form their opinion about the EU through the media, the EU has special press people working on all the contacts with the journalists. At the same time they are aware that the journalists need them in order to get the information they need to make news about the EU. The complexity of the EU field requires more pressure on the journalists, on their work as EU-journalists, than on other fields. And there is a need of a great deal of knowledge about the EU and independence to the source, in order to avoid going by the EU: s own agenda. Keywords: EU-journalism, news, politics, EU commission, democracy

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