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Magnetic signatures of ionospheric and magnetospheric current systems during geomagnetic quiet conditions - An overview

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Online Research Database In Technology
  • Low Earth-Orbiting Satellites
  • Geomagnetic Quiet Conditions
  • Ionospheric And Magnetospheric Currents
  • Magnetic Field Modeling
  • ØRsted
  • Champ
  • Swarm
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High-precision magnetic measurements taken by LEO satellites (flying at altitudes between 300 and 800 km) allow for studying the ionosphericand magnetospheric processes and electric currents that causes only weak magnetic signature of a few nanotesla during geomagnetic quiet conditions. Of particular importance for this endeavour are multipoint observationsin space, such as provided by the <i>Swarm</i> satellite constellation mission, inorder to better characterize the space-time-structure of the current systems. Focusing on geomagnetic quiet conditions, we provide an overview of ionospheric and magnetospheric sources and illustrate their magnetic signatureswith <i>Swarm</i> satellite observations.

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