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Low Temperature Methanation of CO2 on High Ni Content Ni-Ce-ZrO delta Catalysts Prepared via One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis

  • Meeyoo, Vissanu
  • Panchan, Noppadol
  • Phongprueksathat, Nat
  • Traitangwong, Atsadang
  • Guo, Xinpeng
  • Li, Chunshan
  • Rirksomboon, Thirasak
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Ni-Ce-Zr-O-delta catalysts were prepared via one-pot hydrothermal synthesis. It was found that Ni can be partially incorporated into the Ce-Zr lattice, increasing surface oxygen species. The catalysts possess high surface areas even at high Ni loadings. The catalyst with Ni content of 71.5 wt.% is able to activate CO2 methanation even at a low temperature (200 degrees C). Its CO2 conversion and methane selectivity were reported at 80% and 100%, respectively. The catalyst was stable for 48 h during the course of CO2 methanation at 300 degrees C. Catalysts with the addition of medium basic sites were found to have better catalytic activity for CO2 methanation.

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