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Kärleken övervinner hatet : En kritisk diskursanalys av nyhetsrapporteringen om offer, förövare och samhället från terrorattentatet i Stockholm / Love overcomes hatred : A critical discourse analysis of the news report about the victims, perpetrator and the society from the terrorist attack in Stockholm

  • Nilsson Lopez, Marisol
  • Johansson, Natalia
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2017
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This study aims at covering the perpetrators, victims and Sweden's society. The main issue is to examine how these categorization portrayed in the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet. To conduct the survey we have used a critical discourse analysis. The empirical material consists of 55 strategically selected news articles and 127 images related to the analyzed articles. In order to identify discourses we chose to use the following analytical concepts: We, they, include, exclude, ideal offender, ideal victim, the victims who survived and the ideal society to apply the investigation. With these concepts, we were able to identify five discourses and analyse how the perpetrators, victims, survivors and society were represented in the articles. In our conclousion, we found out that Sweden's society gets the largest space in the news texts. The representation of the perpetrator is depicted on the basis of different time aspects. In the first insight, the suspected perpetrator is presented as a father of four children who lived in Sweden to support his family, who remained in their homeland. In the second insight he is conceived as a stranger and a insane human. As far as the victims are concerned, they are usually reflected as saints and they are rewarded by loveful words. 

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