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Long-Term Dynamic Thermal Ratings of Underground Cables Integrating Soil Dynamics and Climate Projections

  • Montana Salas, Sergio Daniel
  • Michiorri, Andrea
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Feb 12, 2024
HAL-Mines ParisTech
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Underground Cables capacity is influenced by thermal properties, particularly the interplay between dynamics of the physical properties and the surrounding soil's heat dissipation capabilities. This paper introduces a new approach to quantifying the long-term effect of climate conditions and soil dynamics on underground cable capacity that leverages machine learning techniques to estimate soil temperature and moisture in the depth range of 0.8 to 1.2 meters. The research extends its focus to assess the impact of climate change using various representative concentration pathways across 52 European stations. The main strength of this model lies in its ability to offer detailed estimations by capturing the relationships among different types of soils. The results show that the quasi Dynamic Thermal Rating methodology produces an average increase in ratings of 7.1%. In addition, it has the potential to further widen the disparity between winter and summer seasons, with an increase of up to 8.1%. Regarding climate impacts, there are moderate reductions over the medium-term emissions horizon, with an average reduction of 0.27% to 0.63%.

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