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Long-short Term Motion Feature for Action Classification and Retrieval

  • Lan, Zhenzhong
  • Li, Xuanchong
  • Lin, Ming
  • Hauptmann, Alexander G.
Publication Date
Feb 13, 2015
Submission Date
Feb 13, 2015
arXiv ID: 1502.04132
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We propose a method for representing motion information for video classification and retrieval. We improve upon local descriptor based methods that have been among the most popular and successful models for representing videos. The desired local descriptors need to satisfy two requirements: 1) to be representative, 2) to be discriminative. Therefore, they need to occur frequently enough in the videos and to be be able to tell the difference among different types of motions. To generate such local descriptors, the video blocks they are based on must contain just the right amount of motion information. However, current state-of-the-art local descriptor methods use video blocks with a single fixed size, which is insufficient for covering actions with varying speeds. In this paper, we introduce a long-short term motion feature that generates descriptors from video blocks with multiple lengths, thus covering motions with large speed variance. Experimental results show that, albeit simple, our model achieves state-of-the-arts results on several benchmark datasets.

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