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Loads Correlation of a Full-Scale Proprotor on the Tiltrotor Test Rig

  • Kottapalli, Sesi
Publication Date
Jan 21, 2020
NASA Technical Reports Server


In 2018, a full-scale isolated proprotor test was conducted in the USAF National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at NASA Ames. The test article was the 3-bladed Bell 699 research rotor derived from the AW609 rotor. For this test, the NASA Tiltrotor Test Rig (TTR) and rotor were installed in the 40- by 80-foot test section. Correlations between the 2018 test data and predictions from the comprehensive analysis CAMRAD II for blade and yoke (flexbeam) loads and rotor torque are presented. The full range of conversion to helicopter modes is covered: conversion 30-, 45-, and 60-deg TTR yaw, and helicopter 75- and 90-deg TTR yaw. The flap moment correlation is reasonable to good; the pitch link load and torsion moment are uniformly underpredicted. The measured 2P lag moment and 2P torque are not captured by the analysis. The inability to predict the 2P component is currently attributed to the analytical assumption of a perfect gimbal, whereas the actual test gimbal may be operating imperfectly and thus introducing the 2P harmonic. A new analytical model that accounts for non-ideal gimbal operation is needed.

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