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Generella hörförståelsetest i videoformat / Listening Comprehension Tests in a Video Format

  • Larsson, Samuel
  • Marklund, Felix
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Jan 01, 2019
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This paper aims to study the effect of visual aid in listening comprehension tests for Swedish secondary school pupil. The study also looks at the effects visual aid has for pupils who have difficulty concentrating and lastly to study the effect that previous knowledge has on the pupils’ performance. The study was carried out on 45 economy pupils who study engelska 6, the second English course in secondary school. They performed two tests; one listening comprehension test without visual aid and another listening comprehension test with visual aid. The results indicated that a slight majority of pupils performed better with the test with visual aid but that the difference was scattered, with some pupils having lower results on the test with visual aid. The participants with difficulties concentrating were too few in number to draw any definitive conclusions, but as a group they performed better when they had the visual aid.  

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