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Linkage of the Fv-2 gene to a newly reinserted ecotropic retrovirus in Fv-2 congenic mice.

  • M Mowat
  • A Bernstein
Publication Date
Sep 01, 1983
  • Biology


Restriction enzyme and Southern gel analyses were used to determine the number and location of endogenous ecotropic retroviruses in the germ line of several mouse strains congenic at the Fv-2 gene locus. A new endogenous ecotropic provirus was observed in the germ line of B6.S (Fv-2ss) mice, in addition to the resident provirus found in its congenic partner C57BL/6 (Fv-2rr). This new provirus was similar in structure to the C57BL provirus. The SIM strain of mice, the donors of the Fv-2s allele in B6.S mice, does not contain ecotropic proviruses, suggesting that the new provirus in the B6.S mouse strain arose by germ-line reintegration during the construction of this strain. Mendelian segregation analysis indicated that this new provirus was linked to the Fv-2 gene locus on chromosome 9. In three other Fv-2s congenic mouse strains--B10.C (47N), B6.C (H-7b), and C57BL/6J Trfa, Bgsd--no additional ecotropic endogenous viruses were detected, suggesting that the reinsertion event that occurred during the construction of B6.S is not essential for the acquisition of the Fv-2s phenotype in the C57BL genetic background. Although numerous reports of germ-line reinsertions of ecotropic virus in high-virus mouse strains have been received, the present results provide definitive evidence that similar germ-line amplifications of endogenous ecotropic virus can occur in a low-virus mouse strain.

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