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Limits on neutron emission following deuterium absorption into palladium and titanium

  • Aberdam, D.
  • Avenier, M.
  • Bagieu, G.
  • Bouchez, J.
  • Cavaignac, J.F.
  • Collot, J.
  • Durand, R.
  • Faure, R.
  • Favier, J.
  • Kajfasz, E.
  • Koang, D.H.
  • Lefievre, B.
  • Lesquoy, E.
  • Pessard, H.
  • Rouault, A.
  • Senateur, J.P.
  • Stutz, A.
  • Weiss, F.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1990
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The multimedia information systems, in the context of a generalized communication, have to become an effective and relevant tool in the service of the social world. A first modelling of their conception as their realization looked in the daytime to the method of territorial intelligence Catalyse. The hypothesis founder of this research is that it is possible to translate concretely the contribution of the Sciences of information and communication in the process of methodological and technological transfer necessary for the development of Catalyse observatories, by combining them in theories stemming from the other disciplines (didactics, cognitive psychology, sociology, geography...). From the statement of a situation where SIC seem practically absent in methods of territorial intelligence, I operate in this research an empirical evaluation of the development of several Catalyse observatories: - State of the relations between the Territorial Intelligence and the Sciences of Information and Communication - Analyses of a corpus of territorial experiments at the European level - Modelling of the contributions of the Sciences of Information and the Communication in the Catalyse method and in the procedures of transfers This research succeeds concretely to propose procedures of transfer and educational tools organized in an optics of improvement of the conception of the systems of production and access to information. The procedures of transfer must be estimated and redefined in researches to come, also by taking into account evolutions of the society, and researches in Sciences of information and communication.

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