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LHC Data and Aspects of New Physics

  • Alanne, Tommi
  • Di Chiara, Stefano
  • Tuominen, Kimmo
Publication Date
Apr 17, 2013
Submission Date
Mar 14, 2013
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP01(2014)041
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We consider the implications of current LHC data on new physics with strongly interacting sector(s). We parametrize the relevant interaction Lagrangian and study the best fit values in light of current data. These are then considered within a simple framework of bosonic technicolor. We consider first the effective Lagrangian containing only spin-0 composites of the underlying theory, which corresponds to a two Higgs doublet model. With respect to this baseline, the effects of the vector bosons, a staple in strong interacting theories, are illustrated by considering two cases: first, the case where the effects of the vector bosons arise only through their mixing with the electroweak SU(2)_L gauge fields and, second, the case where also a direct interaction term with neutral scalars exists. We find that the case of a W' coupling to the Higgs boson only via the mixing of vector fields produces a negligible improvement in the fit of the present data, while even a small direct coupling of the composite vector fields to the Higgs allows the tested model to fit optimally the experimental results.

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