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Leveraging the Redox Promiscuity of Nickel To Catalyze C–N Coupling Reactions

  • Taylor, Olivia R
  • Saucedo, Paul J
  • Bahamonde, Ana
Publication Date
Jan 17, 2024
eScholarship - University of California
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This perspective details advances made in the field of Ni-catalyzed C-N bond formation. The use of this Earth abundant metal to decorate amines, amides, lactams, and heterocycles enables direct access to a variety of biologically active and industrially relevant compounds in a sustainable manner. Herein, different strategies that leverage the propensity of Ni to facilitate both one- and two-electron processes will be surveyed. The first part of this Perspective focuses on strategies that facilitate C-N couplings at room temperature by accessing oxidized Ni(III) intermediates. In this context, advances in photochemical, electrochemical, and chemically mediated processes will be analyzed. A special emphasis has been put on providing a comprehensive explanation of the different mechanistic avenues that have been proposed to facilitate these chemistries; either Ni(I/III) self-sustained cycles or Ni(0/II/III) photochemically mediated pathways. The second part of this Perspective details the ligand designs that also enable access to this reactivity via a two-electron Ni(0/II) mechanism. Finally, we discuss our thoughts on possible future directions of the field.

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