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Le développent d'un guide méthodologique pour l'évaluation des performances des ouvrages de maîtrise à la source des eaux pluviales

  • Flanagan, Kelsey
  • Ah-Leung, Sébastien
  • Bacot, Laëtitia
  • Bak, Alexandre
  • Barraud, Sylvie
  • Branchu, Philippe
  • Cossais, Nina
  • de Gouvello, Bernard
  • Deroubaix, José-Frédéric
  • Garnier, Robin
  • GROMAIRE, Marie-Christine
  • Honegger, Anne
  • Neveu, Pascale
  • Paupardin, Julien
  • PEYNEAU, Pierre Emmanuel
  • Ramier, David
  • Rodriguez, Fabrice
  • Ruban, Véronique
  • Seidl, Martin
  • And 2 more
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2019
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Evaluating the performance of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in a field context presents a number of methodological problems. For this reason, as a part of three French research projects focused on this type of evaluation, Matriochkas, Micromegas and Roulepur, a working group on methodological harmonisation was established in order to facilitate the inter-comparison of results between the projects and propose a methodological guideline for practitioners carrying out such evaluations. The guideline proposes an approach where performance is evaluated with respect to a service function that the SuDS aims to achieve, itself identified from local issues. Its first section presents the various service functions which may be assigned to these devices. Next, performance indicators are defined for a selection of the identified service functions, common within the French context and studied as a part of the three projects. Three categories of indicators are identified: hydrologic indicators (relative to water flows), pollutant indicators and socio-technical indicators. Examples of instrumentation and of the application of the proposed indicators drawn from the experience of the three projects are also presented.

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