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LCC15-MB cells are MDA-MB-435 : a review of misidentified breast and prostate cell lines

  • Thompson, E.W.
  • Waltham, M.
  • Ramus, S.J.
  • Hutchins, A.M.
  • Armes, J.E.
  • Campbell, I.G.
  • Williams, E.D.
  • Thompson, P.R.
  • Rae, J.M.
  • Johnson, M.D.
  • Clarke, R.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2004
Queensland University of Technology ePrints Archive
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Current stocks of the LCC15-MB cell line, which we originally isolated from a human breast-bone metastasis, were found to be genetically matched to the MDA-MB-435 cell line from the Lombardi Cancer Center (MDA-MB-435-LCC) using comparative genomic hybridisation, DNA microsatellite analysis and chromosomal number. LCC15-MB stocks used for our previously published studies as well as the earliest available LCC15-MB cells also showed identity to MDA-MB-435-LCC cells. The original karyotype reported for LCC15-MB cells was considerably different to that of MDA-MB-435 cells, indicating that the original LCC15-MB cells were lost to contamination by MDA-MB-435-LCC cells. Chromosome number is the simplest test to distinguish original LCC 15-MB cells (n ∼ 75) from MDA-MB-435 (n ∼ 52). Collectively, our results prove that LCC15-MB cells currently available are MDA-MB-435 cells and we suggest their re-designation as MDA-MB-435-LCC15 cells. We also review the known misclassification of breast and prostate cancer cell lines to date and have initiated a register maintained at

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