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The latest developments in the area of therapeutic delivery excluding some diseases, such as COVID-19 and the big three (HIV/AID, malaria and tuberculosis)

  • Reis, Catarina Pinto
Published Article
Therapeutic Delivery
"Future Science, LTD"
Publication Date
Oct 21, 2021
DOI: 10.4155/tde-2021-0066
PMID: 34672206
PMCID: PMC8544480
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It is the beginning of a new decade, where COVID-19 and the ‘big three’ (HIV/AID, malaria and tuberculosis) have raised public awareness of the type of challenges researchers face every day. Beyond these diseases, there are also still many more for which scientists are working to develop new therapies and their impact in healthcare is enormous too. This industry update covers the period 1–31 August 2021, and some examples of research and approvals for many other diseases excluding COVID-19 and the ‘big three’ are presented. There is a progressive trend of approvals of novel drug candidates and the proposal of new indications for the existing ones. Some patents related to rare diseases were also published during this month. Information and analyses were sourced from scientific literature, regulatory and patent agencies, websites and press releases of the companies (and not based upon personal opinion). The main reason of leaving COVID-19 research outside the scope of this update is mainly due to the rapid growth and change in this field; some preliminary results require further research and scientists must be aware of the final impact that this research could have on public opinion. Moreover, as a result of disruptions to health care in the face of COVID-19, several research groups simply stopped their research in other diseases and, for that reason, it is imperative to sum up some important advances in other critical diseases and health areas.

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