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Laser-guided corrosion control: a new approach to tailor the degradation of Mg-alloys

  • Pou-Alvarez, P
  • Riveiro, A
  • Ramon Novoa, X
  • Jin, X
  • Del Val, J
  • Comesana, R
  • Boutinguiza, M
  • Lusquinos, F
  • Jones, JR
  • Teresa Perez-Prado, M
  • Pou, J
Publication Date
Mar 01, 2021
UPCommons. Portal del coneixement obert de la UPC


Despite corrosion being commonly seen as a problem to be avoided, applications such as batteries or biodegradable implants do benefit from corrosion‐like phenomena. However, current strategies address corrosion control from a global perspective for a whole component, without considering local adaptations to functionality specifications or inhomogeneous environments. Here, a novel concept is presented: the local control and guidance of corrosion through a laser surface treatment. Immersion tests in saline solution of AZ31 magnesium alloy samples show degradation rates reduced up to 15 times with the treatment, owing to a fast passivation after the induced microstructural modifications. By controlling the treatment conditions, the degradation can be restricted to delimited regions and driven towards specific directions. The applicability of the method for the design of tailored degradation biomedical implants is demonstrated and uses for cathodic protection systems and batteries can also be anticipated.

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