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Laser-trapping of Ra-225 and Ra-226 with repumping by room temperature blackbody radiation

  • Guest, J. R.
  • Scielzo, N. D.
  • Ahmad, I.
  • Bailey, K.
  • Greene, J. P.
  • Holt, R. J.
  • Lu, Z. -T.
  • O'Connor, T. P.
  • Potterveld, D. H.
Published Article
Publication Date
Mar 02, 2007
Submission Date
Jan 23, 2007
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.093001
arXiv ID: physics/0701263
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We have demonstrated Zeeman slowing and capture of neutral Ra-225 and Ra-226 atoms in a magneto-optical trap (MOT). The intercombination transition 1S0-3P1 is the only quasi-cycling transition in radium and was used for laser-cooling and trapping. Repumping along the 3D1-1P1 transition extended the lifetime of the trap from milliseconds to seconds. Room-temperature blackbody radiation was demonstrated to provide repumping from the metastable 3P0 level. We measured the isotope shift and hyperfine splittings on the 3D1-1P1 transition with the laser-cooled atoms, and set a limit on the lifetime of the 3D1 level based on the measured blackbody repumping rate. Laser-cooled and trapped radium is an attractive system for studying fundamental symmetries.

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