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The LAS VEGAS risk score for prediction of postoperative pulmonary complications : an observational study

  • Neto, Ary Serpa
  • Hemmes, Sabrine NT
  • Canet, Jaume
  • Hedenstierna, Göran
  • Jaber, Samir
  • Hiesmayr, Michael
  • Hollmann, Markus W
  • Mills, Gary H
  • Melo, Marcos F Vidal
  • Pearse, Rupert
  • Putensen, Christian
  • Schmid, Werner
  • Severgnini, Paolo
  • Wrigge, Hermann
  • de Abreu, Marcelo Gama
  • Pelosi, Paolo
  • Schultz, Marcus J
  • LAS VEGAS Investigators, the
  • De Hert, Stefan
  • De Baerdemaeker, Luc
  • And 6 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2018
Ghent University Institutional Archive
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BACKGROUND: Currently used pre-operative prediction scores for postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) use patient data and expected surgery characteristics exclusively. However, intra-operative events are also associated with the development of PPCs. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to develop a new prediction score for PPCs that uses both pre-operative and intra-operative data. DESIGN: This is a secondary analysis of the LAS VEGAS study, a large international, multicentre, prospective study. SETTINGS: A total of 146 hospitals across 29 countries. PATIENTS: Adult patients requiring intra-operative ventilation during general anaesthesia for surgery. INTERVENTIONS: The cohort was randomly divided into a development subsample to construct a predictive model, and a subsample for validation. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Prediction performance of developed models for PPCs. RESULTS: Of the 6063 patients analysed, 10.9% developed at least one PPC. Regression modelling identified 13 independent risk factors for PPCs: six patient characteristics [higher age, higher American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) physical score, pre-operative anaemia, pre-operative lower SpO(2) and a history of active cancer or obstructive sleep apnoea], two procedure-related features (urgent or emergency surgery and surgery lasting >= 1 h), and five intraoperative events [use of an airway other than a supraglottic device, the use of intravenous anaesthetic agents along with volatile agents (balanced anaesthesia), intra-operative desaturation, higher levels of positive end-expiratory pressures > 3 cmH(2)O and use of vasopressors]. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve of the LAS VEGAS risk score for prediction of PPCs was 0.78 [95% confidence interval (95% CI), 0.76 to 0.80] for the development subsample and 0.72 (95% CI, 0.69 to 0.76) for the validation subsample. CONCLUSION: The LAS VEGAS risk score including 13 peri-operative characteristics has a moderate discriminative ability for prediction of PPCs. External validation is needed before use in clinical practice.

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