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Large Scale Transmit Diversity in Q/V Band Feeder Link with Multiple Gateways

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  • Gateway Diversity
  • , Active And Redundant Gateways
  • Satellite Communication,
  • Engineering, Computing & Technology :: Electrical & Electronics Engineering [C06]
  • Ingénierie, Informatique & Technologie :: Ingénierie électrique & électronique [C06]
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Exploiting transmit diversity amid a high number of multiple gateways (GW) is a new research challenge in Q/V band satellite communication providing data rates of hundreds of Gbit/s. In this paper, we propose a practical switching strategy in a scenario with N +P GWs (N active and P redundant GWs) towards achieving GW transmit diversity. Differently from other works, the treatment in this paper is analytical and explores two key factors: outage performance and switching rate in detail. Further, the interplay between the number of redundant and active GWs on the availability is illustrated highlighting the contribution of the work towards system sizing.

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