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Lactoferrin in breast milk-based powders

  • Tsakali, Efstathia; 85655;
  • Aggarwal, Rakesh;
  • Houhoula, Dimitra;
  • Konteles, Spiridon;
  • Batrinou, Athimia;
  • Verheyen, Davy; 106203;
  • Van Impe, Jan FM; 13377;
  • Chatzilazarou, Arhontoula;
Publication Date
Nov 01, 2023
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This study aimed to determine lactoferrin (LF) in breast milk-based powders and formulas. Lactoferrin is an important whey protein in all mammalian milks and is responsible in large part for the known antimicrobial effects of human milk in particular. As breast feeding is not always possible, formulas based on cows milk have been developed in order to meet the nutritional needs of the newborn, while more recently human breast milk-based powders have been introduced to offer the biological functionality of human milk to pre-term and critically ill babies. In the present work, the amount of LF in commercial breast milk-based powders was tested by a validated RF-HPLC method for the determination of LF in breast milk in order to examine both the applicability of the method but at a second level the amount of LF in these commercial products. The detection of LF was possible but the complexity of the matrix lead us to the use the standard addition methodology in order to achieve quantification. The results indicated that breast milk-based powders had higher amount of LF than cows milk-based formulas, both non-fortified and fortified. / status: published

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