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La traduction du français en suédois d’un texte sur le vin : Une étude sur la phrase participiale, le complément circonstanciel et le contexte culturel / A French text about wine translated into Swedish : A study of participles, adverbs and cultural context

  • Bergqvist, Maria
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Jan 01, 2021
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The present study deals with the use of participle constructions, adverbs as well as the formal style of a French text about winemaking. The study aims to discuss my translation choices as well as studying participle constructions and adverbs while taking the cultural context in consideration. The results show that the use of present participle, gerund and past participle without auxiliary verbs as well as the use of adverbs in the beginning of a sentence, have a formal effect of the French text. However, the use of past participles with auxiliary verbs do not have such an effect. The cultural context is shown in the formal style due to grammatical choices and is also shown in the variety of the French wine vocabulary, much richer than the Swedish. To be adequate for the Swedish reader, the target text had to be less formal, to correspond to the Swedish tradition of writing clearly. 

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