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La capture comme levier de l’intervention publique sur l’économie:Le cas de la politique publique d’affichage environnemental en France

  • Dubuisson-Quellier, Sophie
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Jan 01, 1960
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This paper proposes to examine the state’s constraints on the decisions of economic actors. On the basis of government policies concerning environmental footprint labeling, it uncovers one of the levers of government action that is based on the capture of private interests by public actors. In the first part, I will show how public actors have managed to capture the interests of companies that have developed pioneering approaches to environmental information in order to direct them towards the objectives of government policy, by using the balance of power within markets. In the second part, I analyse how they are able to use the methods of capture deployed by certain private actors to gain leverage effects within the dynamics of competition. I then suggest that this form of government by the market consists in relying on the balance of power in the market to create constraints on the decisions taken by economic actors.

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