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Läsförståelse med lässvaga elever : En kvalitativ studie om hur fyra SO-lärare i grundskolans mellanår arbetar i läsförståelse för att stödja elever med lässvårigheter

  • Celep Agrali, Ebru
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Jan 01, 2019
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The purpose of this study is to investigate how four different teachers in the social sciences subjects in elementary school work with reading comprehension to support their pupils with reading difficulties. The research questions for this study are: Which structures do the teachers in social sciences subject use to support pupils with reading difficulties? How do the teachers in social sciences subject describe the concept of reading difficulties? What additional support do the pupils with reading difficulties receive? Two methods have been used to answer the research questions. Four teachers were interviewed and observed. Lev Vygotskij’s sociocultural perspective was used for the theoretical point of the study.  The results of this study show that the four teachers all use similar methods to help pupils’ develop their reading skills. They work to develop pupils’ vocabulary range by for example supporting structures such as text calls. When the four teachers described the concept of reading difficulties, they all mentioned dyslexia as a common cause of reading difficulties.  In addition, the four teachers mentioned that pupils receive additional support from special needs teachers who help them.

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