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Kvinnors upplevelse av att leva med urininkontinens

  • Fransson, Josefine
  • Gerguri, Ardina
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Jan 01, 2018
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Background: Urinary incontinence causes involuntary urinary leakage and is a public health problem in Sweden. It is a condition that primarily affects women and the elderly. Aim: To describe women's experience of living with urinary inconti- nence. Method: Literature review, where qualitative articles were analyzed accor- ding to Friberg's five-step model and compiled into a result. Data searches were con- ducted in Medline and CINAHL, where eleven articles were selected. Result: Consi- sts of three main themes; powerlessness, exclusion and acceptance that emerged from the following subthemes: lost control, a limited life, a sense of shame, negative meetings in health care, adaptation and a part of life. Women experience urinary incontinence as a limitation in everyday life. Women accept their life situation and do not talk openly about urinary incontinence because it is felt as shameful and ta- boo-coated. Women also find it easier to talk about their urinary incontinence if the healthcare brings up and talks about urinary incontinence. Conclusion: There is a need for increased knowledge and understanding in society and in the care of women with urinary incontinence. Since women do not speak openly about their urinary in- continence, it is important to conduct further research on the interaction between healthcare and women with urinary incontinence.

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