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Kvasikristaller : Klassificering, diffraktion och ytstudier

  • Edvardsson, Elisabet
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Jan 01, 2015
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Quasicrystal is the term used for a solid that possesses an essentially discrete diffraction pattern without having translational symmetry. Compared to periodic crystals, this difference in structure gives quasicrystals new properties that make them interesting to study -- both from a mathematical and from a physical point of view. In this thesis we review a mathematical description of quasicrystals that aims at generalizing the well-established theory of periodic crystals. We see how this theory can be connected to the cohomology of groups and how we can use this connection to classify quasicrystals. We also review an experimental method, NIXSW (Normal Incidence X-ray Standing Waves), that is ordinarily used for surface structure determination of periodic crystals, and show how it can be used in the study of quasicrystal surfaces. Finally, we define the reduced lattice and show a way to plot lattices in MATLAB. We see that there is a connection between the diffraction pattern and the reduced lattice and we suggest a way to describe this connection.

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