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Kulturell polarisering och politiskt färgade medier : En jämförande studie av mediekonsumenters kulturella kapital och tidningars organisationsidentitet

  • Berrios, Andromeda
  • Kind, Tuva
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The Swedish political landscape has become more polarized with questions regarding multiculturalism, identity and globalization. The same polarization is reflected in the way media and news outlets report on current events. This polarization can, in turn, have an effect on individuals and their decision-making process when looking for a news outlet that reflects their unique political views. But is it possible that aspects such as cultural capital also affect each individual's decisions and are news outlets deliberately using aspects of cultural capital to attract a certain demographic? Using a qualitative method this case study aims to research if readers of two politically opposing Swedish magazines share the same cultural capital or if the readers differ both in political views and life experiences. Eight interviews were conducted with readers of the two magazines to answer the question at issue. Although the study does not aim to prove a hypothesis or create generalizable material, the major findings of this explorative study show that the readers share a lot of cultural capital. In regards to organizational identity, readers of the left-leaning magazine primarily identify with their organization, but no readers seem to regard their relationship with the magazine as affiliation. The study’s result cannot be deemed representative or theory-forming, but instead aims to inspire further research in the field and show the relevance of cultural capital in modern society.

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