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Konsten att stötta på svenska i motvind : En essä om dilemman kring flerspråkiga barns utveckling i svenska

  • Sjöström, Carrola
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Jan 01, 2020
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This essay begins with self-perceived dilemmas. These events play out in a multicultural area where many people are multilingual, both educators and children and therefore preschools. These dilemmas are about the difficulties in language development and difficulties in creating educational meaningful context for children in multicultural areas. I’ve often wondered why these children generally has a low Swedish vocabulary. Speaking of children with limited Swedish vocabulary I am comparing them to peers who has Swedish as a mother tongue. I worry about how it will effect their first years in school as well as their development in reading and writing skills.   The purpose of this scientific essay is to research how I as an educator can support multilingual children and their language development best way possible. Will special tasks support the development in the Swedish language. I look in to how the preschool and their curriculum referr to this, as well as literature and certain research talk about it too. I look at this from a sociocultural perspective and my reflections and thoughts about power and knowledge- how knowledge is power and power is knowledge. This helps me to reflect on how power effects my decisions as an educator and the education I offer children. I also investigate the concept of meaningful context and equality, and my role in them.

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