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KOMMUNIKATIVT LEDARSKAP ett ledarskap för moderna organisationer : Kvalitativ studie med ansats att definiera begreppet

  • Axäll, Jenny
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Jan 01, 2004
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AbstractTitle: Communicative leadership – a leadership for modern organizationsQualitative research attempting to define the concept.(Kommunikativt ledarskap – ett ledarskap för moderna organisationerKvalitativ studie med ansats att definiera begreppet.)Author: Jenny AxällAim: The aim of this essay is to try to find the essence of and a definition of the communicative leadership. Questions asked are: How can communicative leadership be described? How can it be practiced? What does it demand of those who practice it? What organizational conditions are required? And what results and performances can this leadership lead to?Method: Qualitative explorative research method. The study contains an academic lit-erature review of the science of leadership and communication in general and the more specific communicative leadership. It also includes two personal in-terviews. After analysing the interviews, the result is compared with the litera-ture and discussed in the last chapter. The essay concludes with a definition of communicative leadership.Main results: The following definition of communicative leadership was formulated after concluding the study: In communicative leadership communication is used as the main means of control in order to create joint action and thereby excellent company results. The leadership is based on a conscious and open communication that leads to understanding and participation among employees, as well as to sound and thoroughly founded decisions and well-informed business development. The leadership is constantly practised in formal and informal conversation and dialogue situations where true exchange of opinions and sense making is de-sired. For the communicative leader the employees are the most valuable re-sources in the organization. He or she assumes that employees want to suc-ceed, and will do so, if the right conditions are in place. The communicative leader wants to lead and inspire, emanates joy and comfort, and receives as manager the trust of being a leader.Number of pages: 63Course: Media and Communications Studies DUniversity: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityDate of submission: 2005-01-17, autumn term of 2004Tutor: Professor Lowe HedmanKeywords: Communicative leadership, communicative competence, communicative fol-lowership, communicative processes, decentralized organizations, leadership, organizational culture, internal communication, definition of leadership.

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