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Knowledge Science – Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process

  • Nakamori, Yoshiteru
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Sep 18, 2011
Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2011, Hull, UK
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Knowledge science is a problem-oriented interdisciplinary field that takes as its subject the modeling of the knowledge creation process and its application, and carries out research in such disciplines as knowledge management, management of technology, support for the discovery, synthesis and creation of knowledge, and innovation theory with the aim of constructing a better knowledge-based society. This paper considers what knowledge science should be, introducing a forthcoming book entitled Knowledge Science – Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process (Nakamori ed., 2011). The authors of this book are experienced researchers in knowledge science with the background of systems science, and core members of the International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences. This book introduces six important concepts in knowledge science, which are knowledge technology, knowledge management, knowledge discovery, knowledge synthesis, knowledge justification, and knowledge construction. Finally, the paper briefly describes a theory of knowledge construction systems; its fundamental part was already published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science (Nakamori et al., 2011)

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