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A kind of coordinated evolution measurement model for traffic network based on complexity degree

  • Hu, Qizhou
  • Tan, Minjia
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Oct 06, 2020
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Coordinated evolution is a process with complexity, temporality, spatiality, and continuity. The existed methods cannot relevantly satisfy and measure the degree of coordinated evolution in real conditions. Aiming at solving the coordinated evolution problems for the urban traffic network, the information complexity must be evaluated, this paper uses the multi-dimensional connection number for compressing the factors of traffic network. Firstly, the basic characteristics of traffic network are analysed on the definition of traffic information complexity. The traffic network measurement model is established based on the information entropy, and the coordinated evolution process of the multi-layer urban traffic network is analysed for defining the ordered parameters of the traffic network. Then the coordinated measurement model for the multi-layer traffic network is constructed by the ordered parameters. In addition, we set up a coordinated evolution model according to the proposed estimation criteria of the ordered parameters and the theory of the multi-dimensional connection numbers. The case analysis shows that the order degree of Hangzhou traffic network is 0.7929, which approaches to 1 as while the comprehensive coordinated index of Hangzhou multi-layer traffic network is 0.3323, which clearly and intuitively gives a measurement value for the multi-layer urban traffic network. The result is also effectively verified the validity of the proposed models.

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