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Kepler Science Operations Center architecture

  • Christopher, Middour
  • Todd C, Klaus
  • Jon, Jenkins
  • David, Pletcher
  • Miles, Cote
  • Hema, Chandrasekaran
  • Bill, Wohler
  • Forrest, Girouard
  • Jay P, Gunter
  • Kamal, Uddin
  • Christopher, Allen
  • Jennifer, Hall
  • Khadeejah, Ibrahim
  • Bruce Clarke
  • Jie Li
  • Sean, Mccauliff
  • Elisa Quintana
  • Jeneen, Sommers
  • Brett, Stroozas
  • Peter Tenenbaum
  • And 10 more
Publication Date
Jul 15, 2010
SETI Institute


We give an overview of the operational concepts and architecture of the Kepler Science Processing Pipeline. Designed, developed, operated, and maintained by the Kepler Science Operations Center (SOC) at NASA Ames Research Center, the Science Processing Pipeline is a central element of the Kepler Ground Data System. The SOC consists of an office at Ames Research Center, software development and operations departments, and a data center which hosts the computers required to perform data analysis. The SOC s ...

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