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Kepler Observations of Transiting Hot Compact Objects

  • Rowe, Jason F.
  • Borucki, William J.
  • Koch, David
  • Howell, Steve B.
  • Basri, Gibor
  • Batalha, Natalie
  • Brown, Timothy M.
  • Caldwell, Douglas
  • Cochran, William D.
  • Dunham, Edward
  • Dupree, Andrea K.
  • Fortney, Jonathan J.
  • Gautier, Thomas N.
  • Gilliland, Ronald L.
  • Jenkins, Jon
  • Latham, David W.
  • Lissauer, Jack . J.
  • Marcy, Geoff
  • Monet, David G.
  • Sasselov, Dimitar
  • And 1 more
Publication Date
Jan 25, 2010
Submission Date
Jan 19, 2010
DOI: 10.1088/2041-8205/713/2/L150
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Kepler photometry has revealed two unusual transiting companions orbiting an early A-star and a late B-star. In both cases the occultation of the companion is deeper than the transit. The occultation and transit with follow-up optical spectroscopy reveal a 9400 K early A-star, KOI-74 (KIC 6889235), with a companion in a 5.2 day orbit with a radius of 0.08 Rsun and a 10000 K late B-star KOI-81 (KIC 8823868) that has a companion in a 24 day orbit with a radius of 0.2 Rsun. We infer a temperature of 12250 K for KOI-74b and 13500 K for KOI-81b. We present 43 days of high duty cycle, 30 minute cadence photometry, with models demonstrating the intriguing properties of these object, and speculate on their nature.

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