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Kepler Data Release 21 Notes (KSCI-19061-001)

Kepler mission
Publication Date
May 01, 2013
SETI Institute


These Data Release Notes provide information specific to the current reprocessing and re-export of Q0–Q14 data. Specifically, this data release provides an improved version of the PDC light curves and corrects the barycentric times so they include the conversion to TDB (Barycentric Dynamical Time). As such, these Notes are an addendum to the Data Release Notes previously provided for each of these quarters (see Table 1). Specific data events relevant to each quarter, i.e. Safe Modes, Corona Mass Ejections, Attitude Tweaks etc., may be found in the previous Data Release Notes. Previous notes relevant to the PDC module or the archive FITS formats have been superseded by these Data Release Notes. The data products included in this data release include light curve files, FFIs, and CBVs. The target pixel files, background, ARP and collateral data files have not been reprocessed or re-exported. As a result, the barycentric times in the target pixel and background files for Q0–Q14 will remain incorrect until these data are re-exported in the future. (The collateral and ARP data files do not contain barycentric time.)

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