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Janus två ansikten : En studie om kökslärarens dubbla roller

  • Bodén, Stefan
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Jan 01, 2011
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This is a field study based on participant observations and interviews, describing the cooking teacher's complex everyday life. The school's restaurant is a unique arena, freely hovering between two worlds: The school world and the restaurant reality. Here, the students are confronted with real situations and problems, similar to the ones occurring in a restaurant, still having the school's safety net beneath them. It is for real, but still not, a bit like a flight simulator. It is on that arena the cooking teacher works, combining the two roles of the teacher and the chef. Two roles built on their own traditions and values. This study illustrates the fluctuations and conflicts that arise between these role changes. With two different practices, those of the school and of the restaurant, an issue is raised by the end of the study; can you discuss in terms of different didactics? In addition to subject matter didactics and professional didactics that are recognized concepts, can we also speak in terms of vocational education didactics?

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