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”Jag har väldigt höga krav på speciallärare” Den nya speciallärarens uppdrag, så uppfattas det av rektorer, specialpedagoger och lärare.

  • Norgren, Helena
  • Olsson, Kristina
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Jan 01, 2018
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The new special education teacher degree program was launched in Sweden in 2008. The term new was used since the content was new, but the name stayed the same. Knowledge about the new content, based on the regulations of degree, would have contributed to make the different skills of special education teachers visible. The purpose of this study has been to visualize the consensus about how headmasters, SENCOs and teachers look at the assignment for special education teachers with focus on language-, writing- and reading development. The opinions of the various occupational groups have then been compared with the existing regulations of degree. The study showed that their opinions mainly corresponded with the existing regulations of degree. The quantitative nature of the study is based on empirical data, collected by a survey, with 240 informants. The statements the informants had to consider was largely based on the regulations of degree. Headmasters, SENCOs and teachers show a large coherence within their own group in what they think a special education teacher´s duties should consist of. On the other hand, there is less consensus between these professions. This disagreement could possibly be influenced by different perspectives on special education.

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